In January 2012, new standards were issued for the contents of Workplace First Aid Kits, the BS 8599-1: 2011.

Over the past decade the requirements for the contents of a first aid kit has evolved and this has been recognised by the British Healthcare Trade Association, who have worked, analysed and developed a solution that is fir for purpose in today’s workplace environment.

Eclipse First Aid Kits are from our comprehensive range to cover all requirements. Wall mountable with simple and quick release. Dust proof closure and easily cleaned with a large solid handle.


Medium – £24.99

Large – £35.99

Which First Aid Kit Do I Need?

Category of Hazard Number of Employees Size of First Aid Kit
e.g. shops, offices, libraries etc.
Less than 25 Small
25 – 100 Medium
More than 100 Large (1 per 100 employees)
e.g. Light engineering and assembly work,
food processing, warehousing extensive work
with dangerous machinery or sharp instruments,
construction or chemical manufacturing.
Less than 25 Small
25 – 100 Medium
More than 100 Large (1 per 25 employees)

What’s In The First Aid Kits?

Component Description Quantity
Small Medium Large Travel*
Guidance Leaflet Provides brief first aid guidelines 1 1 1 1
Contents List Provides a list of the first aid components in the kit 1 1 1 1
Medium Sterile Dressing Conforming bandage: min 7.5cm width and min
2m stretched length, with an absorbant pad: not less then 12
cm x 12cm
4 6 8 1
Large Sterile Dressing Conforming bandage: min 10cm width and min
2m stretched length, with an absorbant pad: not less then 18
cm x 18cm
1 2 2 1
Triangular Bandages Min of 20GSM non-woven material or cotton, not less than 90
cm x 90cm x 127cm
2 3 4 1
Safety Pins Min length of 2.5cm 6 12 24 2
Eye Pad Sterile Dressing Conforming bandage, min 5cm width and min 1.5m
stretched length or elasticated looped bandage with an oval
pad: not less than 7cm x 5cm
2 3 4 1
Sterile Adhesive Dressing Water resistant sterile, an island design, individually
wrapped, min surface area of 7.5cm squared, dressing pad not less
than 20% of the area
40 60 100 10
Saline Cleansing Wipe Individually wrapped, sterile, min surface area of 80mm squared 20 30 40 4
Adhesive Tape Role individually wrapped, min 2.5cm width, 5m length or 3
m long for the travel kit
1 1 1 1
Nitrile Disposable Gloves Conforming to BS EN 455-1 and BS EN 455-2,
large size (8-9)
6 pairs 9 pairs 12 pairs 1 pair
Finger Sterile Dressing Conforming bandage: min 3,5cm width and min 30cm
stretched length, with a dressing pad min 3.5cm squared
2 3 4 0
Rescucitation Face Shield** Includes a one-way valve 2 2 3 2
Foil Blanket 130cm x 210cm 1 2 3 1
Eye Wash Min effective volume 250ml sterile 0 0 0 1
Burn Dressing*** Water based gel soaked dressing, sterile,
min 100mm suared surface area
1 2 2 1
Shears Suitable for cutting clothing including leather 1 1 1 1
Conforming Bandage Min 7.5cm width and 4m stretched length 1 2 2 1
Plasters Assorted (blue detectable****) – Bag 20 2 3 5 1
*    The quantity in the travel kit is appropriate for one person only
**   A shield that can be used to protect the first aider from infection during mouth-to-mouth resuscitation
***  A burn dressing cools the injury without any pre-cooling with water or any other medium
     The dressing does not dry out within one our after application
**** Applies to catering kits only
Attention is drawn to the Health and Safety (First Aid) refulations 1961 Approved code of practice and guidance [1] for details on guidance leaflet.