In the UK 250 people a day die of sudden cardiac arrest. Many people could be saved if their heart was defibrillated with an Automated External Defibrillator (AED). In a non hospital environment less than 5% have a chance of survival. However, with the use of an AED in your work place with personnel trained in its use, the chance of survival could be increased to as high as 80%. The AED is automated, it talks to you and you cannot make any mistakes. As well as being automatic, it is portable and easy to use. Sudden Cardiac Arrest doesn’t discriminate against anyone, young or old, male or female any religion or ethnic group. If any colleague is in Sudden Cardiac Arrest there is a high chance that it will save their life.

The course syllabus covers:

  • The unconscious casualty
  • Resuscitaion (CPR)
  • Heart Attacks and Angina
  • How the heart works
  • The Chain of Survival
  • Using your defibrillator
  • Repoting and Recording
  • Post operative proceedure

Cost of Course

Individual – £55
Group of 12 – £440


The course covers both theory and practical sessions over 4 hours